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1. Defective model, trouble with refund:

“Exoto 1/18 scale automobile models rip-off Canadian consumers. I have been writing and phoning them to get a refund for a defective model for over a year. “[More…]

2. Poor Business Ethics:

“1. exoto along with its dealers jacks up the price or artificially inflate the price at its retail level, and throw out close to 50% sales once a while. I bought a few items at their full retail price, then I felt horrible and cheated when I saw the first newsletter with the nice discount coupon.:( , Gotta do my homework more.
2. exoto sometimes has low quantity items show their actual number of quantity on the website.” [More…]
3. I can assure you that your money went into the giant ponzi scheme better known as Tony K. and his Revolving Door of Debt.
4. I’ve just seen on their website that one of my ‘retired’ models has four remaining items in stock It was greyed out ‘retired’ for ages, now it’s there!!!
Ok I didn’t buy it as they were running low, I got it then found that it was retired – it just takes the pee that it’s still available!

Also, one of thier others (the 934 Vaillant car) is meant to be retired too, but it’s in stock too.
Exoto Inc refuses to refund $698 for a die cast model never delivered Moorpark, California (original post)

In November of 2006 my credit card was charged $698 for a 1:10 scale die cast model car I had ordered from Exoto, Inc. I called them and was told that the model would be shipped within the next two weeks. After waiting over a month for delivery I called the company and was told that the model had been delayed and would ship in the spring of 2007. Over the next three years I called at least every three months to try and get an update on the delivery of the model.

In December of 2009 I talked directly with Tony Keusseyan, the owner of the company, and he assured me that the model was scheduled to be built in his China facility in January of 2010 and that it would be shipped in March 2010. After calling again several times in May 2010 I finally called and cancelled by order in June of 2010.

I have called Exoto weekly since I cancelled my order and and repeatedly told that the check has been issued (check # 4828) and that Tony has signed it and it is in the mail. It is now Sept 28 and still no check.

Tony Keusseyan has used my money to finance his company or lifestyle for the past four years and I believe he has no intention of giving me a refund.

Exoto Inc Knowningly sent model with defective paint work (original post)

I wish i had found this site back in 2009 as it would of been a welcomed way to air my frustration.

I have brought a total of 4 models from Exoto Inc and 3 of the models were found to be defective. I purchased 2 Cobras in seperate orders and at different times and both models had broken suspensions. The first i didnt notice as it was missed on first inspection and subsequently no complaint was made. When i received the second cobra i meticulously checked it and found it to also have a broken suspension. I contacted Exoto immediately to resolve the problem and after a few replies from a sales advisor (Shane Meyer) i was left waiting for an address and addressie to return it to for a replacement, im still waiting to this very day for a reply??? I find it hard to accept that both models were damaged in transit considering the excellent packaging that exoto include to protect the model but hey maybe im just unlucky. The worst experience i have had with Exoto was with the 3rd model that i ordered, a black Porsche 935 Client version and when i received the model i was greated with a black Porsche 935 with the most horrendous paint defect.

Very disgruntled i immediately contacted Exoto Inc regarding the problem, again the reply was from (Shane Meyer) and after a few emails back and forth with various options to rectify the matter i was informed that the model was knowingly sent out in this condition and to resolve the matter i was to return the model at my expense and another one would be sent out. Quite why i should of been the bearer of the return postage was beyond me considering Exoto knew the model had a defective paint finish before sending it to me. Apparently this complaint was passed onto Tony Keusseyan but i never received any correspondence from him what so ever. As with the cobra eventually the reply emails from Exoto ceased and unfortunately for me after consulting a consumer legal representative here in the UK i was informed there was nothing i could do about it as the legal system works differently in the USA to the UK. My opinion is that i feel Exoto Inc take advantage of this, the high cost of return posting to the USA (for european countries) and the fact that some overseas buyers (me being one) are not able to phone to complain as the costs would be to high so we are left with being only able to email which it seems Exoto Inc can quite easily ignore and eventually sweep the problem under the carpet. So to this end I have 3 models from Exoto all with defects and quite frankly not fit for thier purpose and can safely say i will NEVER purchase any models from Exoto Inc again. Im a director of my own company and i would never dream of treating my client/customers in the fashion that i have been, come on Exoto Inc. sort your customer care out!!!
Exoto Models And Owner Tony Keusseyan Ripped of Refund for Defectice Model Moorpark California (original post)

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: The Truth Cannot Be Using Aliases!

Exoto 1/18 scale automobile models rip-off Canadian consumers. I have been writing and phoning them to get a refund for a defective model for over a year. They keep stalling so now I cannot get a refund from the credit card company as too much time has elapsed.

I have supplied them with all documents and they keep stalling.

The model I ordered came shipped by UPS. It came COD for extra charges I had not agreed to, so I refused delivery and UPS has returned the merchandise to the seller.

They acknowledge receipt of the return and promised a speedy refund to my Visa account. I have spoken to them after each of my Visa statements arrived and they promised the credit would be on my next statement. This has been going on since last June. I phone them, they make promises but still no credit.

The merchant is: Exoto Inc

5440 Atlantis Court

Moorpark, CA, 93021-7101

Phone: 1-800-872-2088

This is the timeline of this dispute.

May 21/08
• Order placed for a car model, cost $177.60
• They ship order
May 27/08
• Order arrives via UPS with COD for $21.18 for brokerage
• I had asked order to be mailed not sent UPS, no brokerage fee with mail
• Model was defective
June 9/08
• Phoned Exoto, customer service rep, Shane
• I told him I did not want a replacement as quality was poor
• He said to ship model back and they would credit my Visa acct
• Ship model back via Canada Post Expedited Service with Tracking number
• June 20/08 Post office delivers returned model to them
June 27/08
• Exoto ships replacement without consulting me, against my express conversation with Shane on June 9/08
July 15/08
• UPS attempts deliver with COD fee.
• I refuse to accept package
• UPS ships package back to Exoto
August 10/08
• UPS returns package to Exoto
Aug 12/08
• Phone Exoto, speak to Shane
• He says credit will be on my next Visa statement
Sept 22/08
• No credit on Visa statement
• Leave voice mail message for Tony, company manager
Oct 14/08
• Phone Exoto, speak to Shane
• He says credit should have been on Sept statement, will check with their accounting dept, credit will be issued within a week
• Accountant was sick
• Will phone me back when credit posted
• No call back
Nov 21/08
• Phone Exoto, still no credit, speak to Shane
• He says credit should have been issued, he will speak with manager Tony and get it processes ASAP
Dec 22/08
• Phoned Exoto, Shane is off sick, on one else can deal with matter
• Leave voice mail message for Tony (manager) recapping the problem
Dec 23/08
• Phoned Extoto, Shane is sick, no one else can deal with refunds they say
Jan 23/09
• Phoned Exoto, Shane not available today
• Left voice mail message about the delays for Tony the manager
• No response
Feb 09
• Numerous letters go unanswered
March 09
More letters and phone calls go unanswered.

So in short, I acted in good faith with this company. They have their product back, I never accepted delivery and I am out $177.60.

I realize that this dispute has dragged on excessively, but I believed they were sincere just inept at accounting matters. Each time I phoned, I was told the credit would be on my next statement but it never came. I now believe that they are dragging this out indefinitely with no intention of a refund.

Aurora, Ontario

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