Everything about EXOTO

Everything about EXOTO

Shout out:

This blog site i started is intended to gather as much information as possible about EXOTO brand, each models, anecdotes, photos, and videos.

Anyone likes, cares, or collects EXOTO, please write to me about your EXOTO stories.

Here we go!

A little story on how i got exposed to EXOTO models for the first time two years ago. It was my second year in college, I bought a used model for closed to $85. wow, I didn’t know why this model was so expensive comparing to my other HOT WHEELS lamborghinis, MAISTO corvettes. But I was obsessed with the realistic tires and rims, plus I had not seen a model with so perfect paint and tampo painted decals. (later I learned EXOTO has some serious paint problem with some particular models).

So I met my first EXOTO Cobra Daytona there, I believe that it was #13. And then I found myself wanting to collect almost every model that EXOTO makes, haha, maybe this is so-called ripple effect. My favorite series is always Sauber C9, superior finish and engine wiring really delight me every time I get a glance of it.

Now I am proudly collecting 200+EXOTO models, maybe one day I would complete the collection and have a sell off on eBay.

Along the way, I have studied EXOTO business model, paid attentions to what other collectors had to say about their EXOTO experiences. One of my pastime has been macro photographing my EXOTO collection.

I have recently acquired this photography lighting tent with 2 115W and 1 150w photography lamps on the top, a perfect mate for my Canon EOS Rebel XS.

Lovely blue FJ cruiser by Autoart and GT40 MKII by EXOTO

With this, exoto tifosing is launched on August, 07, 2011.